Warcraft III REIGN OF CHAOS 1.21

Warcraft III REIGN OF CHAOS 1.21

WarCraft III is a true masterpiece, based on powerful heroes and special skills
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Blizzard is one of the best software development companies ever. They always put in their best effort in every single product they create, in order to release games with the best performance, quality and level of amusement. It was its predecessor, WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness, together with Age of Empires from Ensemble Studios, and Command & Conquer from Westwood, that made Real Time Strategy games so fashionable.

Now there are four factions in the game - two of them come back from WarCraft II, and they are the Alliance, and the Orcs, while the new ones are the Undead and the Night Elves. Since ancient demons feel that the Orcs have failed them, they summoned the Undead and the Night Elves, who are old enemies of Lord Archimonde and his demons. He wants to extinguish all life, so the Alliance, the Orcs, and the Night Elves must join and fight for their right to live.

The most important units are heroes, and you must make all effort to keep them alive. Each hero earns experience as foes are killed. After gaining a certain amount, a hero levels up and gains a skill point that he can spend in a new ability or upgrade. Each hero has six slots for collecting items to use later - some items have multiple uses and take up only one slot, such as potions and mines.

Other playing mode is “Skirmish against CPU players” – three levels of Artificial Intelligence that provide enough challenge, especially useful for training and trying out some tactics. more

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  • It was "game of the year" 2002
  • Another Blizzard's fantastic story
  • It is always great fun in any playing mode
  • Includes four mighty races
  • Balanced units
  • Battle.Net is free and always available


  • None


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